car Driving

"К цхыю in uchene – it is easy in сю¦!" – this principle of great generalissimo Suvorov is very applicable and in present conditions of the Russian highways, times approached to the fighting.

As "тхфх=" itself the car in those or other situations, it "яЁшт№ёъш" and design features? How it is possible not to get tired long during long sitting at the wheel? Than movement in city and country conditions differs, and also various forms of safety of the car – all these and other data contain on our site. We hope that this information will help you to seize technics of driving of the car. And, absolutely gratuitously, that is it is for nothing. Though, someone, maybe, possesses congenital theoretical knowledge on driving. Till this day, the truth, such yet done not happen.

And anything surprising, – it is rare, who manages to sit down from the first on a driver's place and at once to contact with the car and to force it to obey implicitly itself. Well, unless on mere chance or there the miracle will come true – the person sits down to a wheel and goes, never having tried to curtail a signpost, and together with it to itself a neck, or there at least a bumper to scratch. Usually all comes to the end where is more pitiable if not to tell is more sad. It is not necessary! We do not wish a lethal outcome. That is why all the same it is necessary to study patiently. For driving in a real life is a talent and to a certain extent even art. And the talent, as it is known, is 99 percent of work and only 1 percent of good luck. And only with theory development practical actions get a shade of grace and become beautiful.

And, we will notice, by the way, driving gift far few (about talent and it it is not necessary to speak) possess, – the big rarity to be able to conduct the car so as if left on the pedestrian progulochku with friends – in a continuous stream to manoeuvre, overtaking, as if and without hurrying up anywhere, and almost without exceeding speed, to conduct a car on a maximum absolutely imperceptibly for sitting in salon (and if it will be not not noticed also by representatives of traffic police it it is simple aerobatics) – only having put out from a window is possible to feel, with what mad speed signposts and trees rush by the car. And most thus to conduct easy conversation, to tell jokes and to laugh. Still thus not to get tired at all at the wheel. Well, or nearly so not to get tired. At least, to an extraneous sight it is not appreciable. Such ability for money hardly can be bought, it is got only by a method comprehension of the theory and practice of driving, long-term persistent trainings. It is better, if you have begun with the childhood. Or from teenage age. This sort of example to us has somehow had the luck to observe.

Rumbled and heavy blew up round the corner at home with surprising periodicity. And, the sound pugajushche came nearer. After a while it began possible to distinguish any more only wild snorting and regular bangings, - the familiar roar of the motor was defined. Mechanical porykivanija have come nearer, and the source became clear – teenagers went on perfect pomojnoj designs – the bottom on wheels, without the doors, wonderfully forced by them to move with speed of kilometres thirty-thirty five at an o'clock. Children learnt to go. And that it was not a pity to break own car – have restored practically the scrap metal found on suburb. So experience is gained.

Experience of driving in the conditions of city density of the population and density of an automobile stream considerably raises chances at departure on country lines where there is no abundance of traffic lights, pedestrians-suicides and a continuous transport stream which it is necessary to be able to join in time, beautifully to be reconstructed and as it is beautiful to park. Nevertheless, it having appeared on suburban, rather empty road, it is not necessary to lose a head from the gushed sensation of freedom and thoughtlessly to rush on speed limit, risking literally to depart to a non-existence at sharp change of a landscape or there at the sight of mycelium-beauty which have suddenly run out on a line in one bathing suit. As it to make – we to you will in detail tell.

However, in the nature there is one more kind of talent – ability, for example, to drive the car on a bench hammer. You so are not able? Also it is not necessary! It only especially outstanding persons of a female can. For example, one acquaintance of times of kilometres five drove the car on a city, without removing from a bench hammer, and only constantly was surprised, paternal a pier, it so convulsively twitches during driving?

And only moving, more truly, rolling over through tram ways at a crossroads, and completely having blocked access to other drivers, and could not roll over through rails, and here only has noticed interesting position of a manual brake. Laughed at it long. She took offence and studied the special literature. Long it studied it. And went much. Today it is difficult to believe in this episode, looking, as its car in the general stream beautifully goes. The master!

And so, that sad and ridiculous simultaneously examples in driver's practice was as less as possible, it is necessary to be engaged and practise much. From the very beginning. Practically from elements. Because, ordinary, ability correctly to drive, correctly to switch speed during driving, to distinguish signs and to define mood gibddeshnika, alas, with milk of mother does not come. And even, strangely enough, fatherly instructions in the far childhood too influence ability acquisition a little to go in the car on a megacity.

It somehow collects in the course of expansion of own driver's experience. And this knowledge is sometimes equivalent to a life and calmness of relatives. After all on road everyone happens. Including especially dangerous conditions, having faced with which it is impossible to operate the car in hope on "ртюёі". And even sacred fathers, by the way, rely not only on the Divine will. Here to you a living example.

Got dark. The rain has already passed, and has rather frozen. The road was deserted, in the light of the ascended moon it ominously was shone and gleamed. Left of church pritvora the elderly priest and its friend with the wife have stopped in amazement - will reach on such smooth surface on absolutely bald rubber mortally dangerously. The father has grunted and has resolutely gone to well-groomed "ьюёътшёѕ".а

The Wife of the friend has in a warning way screamed behind the back and has waved hands. "-р throw you! – that has annoyancely responded. – with the Divine help ъръ-эшсѕфі"Е there was no place to Disappear, to remain in the deaf person tserkovke for the night, in five kilometres from the rendered habitable village senselessly. The highway which were seen not far, was empty. Lodge in the car. The sacred father has crossed widely, has hastily read "+=ёх эр°" - also has jerked on the maximum speed.

When have got out, has become stupid exchanging glances and shaking heads (have on the way met some failures), a companion of the father has lowed: "¦фр, with God and in ice ёяюъющэхх" on what the driver has unperturbably answered: "Р God and in a hell it is good. Yes only it is necessary to know the theory and skill to have. I after all have at the wheel spent twelve years. Moreover in army such practice has passed – never чрсѕфѕ".

With the theory we will help you. And then – successful to you of practice!