First aid by the victim at road and transport incidents (a part 2)

So, if there is a possibility to cause "ёъюЁѕ¦ яюьюЁі" before its arrival of the wounded man is better to transfer far away from road to a safe place. During winter time it is necessary to wrap up the victim in view of its hypersensibility to a cold, the caused immovability and especially krovopoterej at which propensity to obmorazhivanijam is marked. On snow it is expedient to outline branches, it is better fur-tree or pine, and on them already to lay a blanket.

Position of the wounded man at a brain concussion

a Fig. 60. Position of the wounded man at a brain concussion

At the most various failures, even not so at first sight serious, traumas which are accompanied by consciousness loss to what testify pallor of the person, the cold sweat, the speeded up breath and frequent zevota are not excluded. In this case unbutton to it a collar, release a breast and a stomach from clothes pulling together them not to constrain breath, and put so that the head has been lowered, and feet are a little raised. Then wipe the person and a neck water and allow to smell the cotton wool moistened with liquid ammonia.

If the brain concussion that happens usually at traumas of a skull without visible external infringements are possible both short-term, and long enough loss of consciousness, and then a headache,

is available at the victim

A nausea, vomiting, dizziness and even short-term deenergizing of memory. Breath, as a rule, happens is kept. Loss of consciousness and vomiting - the most typical signs of a brain concussion, and their serious danger consists that the victim in such condition can choke. Therefore, at once it is necessary to check up passableness of respiratory ways: if they are perfectly in order, for improvement of supply of a brain by blood so, and oxygen, put the wounded man on a back, bend the right foot in a knee joint so that foot has been brought to a buttock, the right hand should be extended along a body, and its brush to be under buttock area (/). After that for the left hand cautiously turn the victim on the right side (2), lay a head on a back surface of a brush of the left hand (3), and right liberate from under a body (fig. 60).

Consciousness Loss can be caused also a traumatic shock. Usually this consequence of serious traumas which are accompanied by a severe pain and a bleeding. In such cases the main thing - to create to the victim rest. At crises or burns to which the similar condition quite often accompanies, it is important to provide an immovability of the damaged finiteness, to stop a bleeding and to apply a bandage. For strengthening of inflow of blood to a brain and heart raise feet of the victim and cover with something that to it it was warm. When the consciousness is already restored and there are no vomiting desires, allow to it to drink.

At the big loss of blood the victim sharply turns pale. If at it language becomes dry, the warm rhythm becomes frequent, there is a thirst, weakness, noise in ears and features are pointed are signs of a sharp anaemia. And in this case it is necessary to spend at once self-blood transfusion as much as possible to increase its inflow to vitals.

At road accident often there are traumas with damage of blood vessels, especially if at the wounded man large vessels are touched. In this case the death can already come in some minutes, therefore it is necessary to operate immediately. A strong pulsing stream of blood of scarlet colour - a sign of that one of arteries, in which high internal pressure and consequently a bleeding to stop always not simply is damaged. In veins it is a bit weaker, and blood of dark red colour follows from a wound a usually slowly uniform stream.

Artificial self-blood transfusion

a Fig. 61. Artificial self-blood transfusion

the Stop of an arterial bleeding

a Fig. 62. A stop of an arterial bleeding

For a suspension of an arterial bleeding there are some ways. The idle time from them - to clamp an artery a finger above a place of its damage (fig. 62. It is the most convenient for making there where it is closer to a bone. Reliable fixing of a blood vessel demands considerable efforts, and for zazhimanija both hands are used.

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