First aid by the victim at road and transport incidents (a part 3)

Other way - to block arterial pressure, as much as possible bending the damaged finiteness. Thus it is necessary to put the dense platen curtailed from bandage or other material in a joint bend (fig. 63).

the Maximum bending of finitenesses at a stop of a bleeding from forearm arteries (), a shoulder (), hips (), shins ()

a Fig. 63. The maximum bending of finitenesses at a stop of a bleeding from forearm arteries (a shoulder (), hips (), shins ()

At serious damages of an artery and very strong bleeding impose a plait above a wound place, it is besides obligatory on a fabric or clothes (fig. 64). After a bleeding stop to continue to tighten a plait it is not necessary, as excessive pressure can lead to undesirable complications.

Krovoostanavlivajushchy a plait () and its substitutes from a zone belt () and a scarf-zakrutki ()

a Fig. 64. A krovoostanavlivajushchy plait (and its substitutes from a zone belt () and a scarf-zakrutki ()

The Bleeding from a small artery is better to stop imposing of a pressing bandage on the processed wound. For this purpose use a sterile napkin which fix bandage. From above impose a plait from a matter or other pressing subject then hardly bandage.

All these manipulations are painful enough, therefore to spend them it is necessary whenever possible cautiously. Besides, to the victim give two-three tablets of analginum. If all is made correctly the damaged finiteness becomes pale, pulse below a wound is absent, the bleeding is not present. After that finiteness should be fixed, for example, a kerchief or a scarf and it is good to warm. During winter time a plait shift or weaken each hour, in the summer - through an hour and a half.

When the carotid, that is damaged, assisting, it is necessary to consider what to squeeze it it is possible only on the one hand. It is reached by means of Kramer's special tyre and if it is not present, the improvised tyre or pressing of a healthy hand of the victim.

If near at hand there was no plait instead of it it is possible to use a belt combined definitely. As a last resort will gain zakrutka, made of a soft fabric, for example from a scarf. In all cases when stop an arterial bleeding by means of a plait or zakrutki, to them necessarily attach a note with exact times instructions when they have been made.

The capillary bleeding, usual is less dangerous at superficial cuts of a skin or grazes. If at the victim normal coagulability of blood the bleeding stops in itself. If is not present to liquidate a capillary bleeding easily, having applied a bandage from bandage or a plaster. It is possible to take advantage also of medical glue БФ-6, having greased with it a wound or a graze.

The Most cautious reference is demanded by the traumas connected with crises, occurrence of wounds and burns.

Crises happen opened and closed, to displacement (an appreciable curvature of finiteness) and without it. They are always accompanied by a sharp pain, therefore, before to help the victim, it is necessary to it to give any anaesthetic and to liquidate a bleeding. It is necessary to observe limiting care as even the smallest displacement of fragments of bones because of your awkwardness can lead to the pain aggravation, new damage of nerves, vessels or soft fabrics.

At crises of edges for pain easing hardly tie up bandage, a towel or a bed-sheet a thorax. Transport the victim in this case only in a sitting position.

When the shoulder is damaged, it is important to provide an immovability of the humeral to it humeral and elbow joints (fig. 65). For hand fixing in a motionless condition use a kerchief, bandage, a belt. If there is no special adaptation, wounded finitenesses fix, having drawn them to a trunk, a healthy hand or a foot, preliminary having imposed with cotton wool or any fabric.

Maintenance of an immovability humeral () and elbow () joints and a hand ()

a Fig. 65. Maintenance of an immovability humeral (and elbow () joints and a hand ()

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