First aid by the victim at road and transport incidents (a part 4)

Damages of cervical department of a backbone are especially dangerous. When the spinal cord is touched, there comes a partial or full paralysis of hands or feet. It is necessary to mean, what even the slightest displacement of vertebras in this condition can lead to an additional trauma of a spinal cord, up to its ruptures. Therefore any actions in a similar situation are justified only in the event that it is absolutely impossible to cause first aid and it is necessary most to take to hospital the victim. In this case first of all it is necessary to fix cervical department of a backbone. Then some persons should simultaneously and raise smoothly the victim (fig. 66) and to lay a back on a board or a wide board. A head fix for the bottom jaw (fig. 67) and obkladyvajut cellophane packages with sand, the earth or water to exclude its moving.

Transportation of the victim at damages of cervical department of a backbone

a Fig. 66. Transportation of the victim at damages of cervical department of a backbone

Fixing of the bottom jaw

a Fig. 67. Fixing of the bottom jaw

To Transfer and transport victims with such traumas of a backbone it is possible only in horizontal position, in no event it is impossible to try to plant them. Only at suspicion on crisis in lumbar department of a backbone of the victim it is possible to put on a stomach with the platen under a breast. When near at hand there is no board or a board, it is necessary to use a blanket or a bed-sheet, whenever possible stretching them more strongly. Wounds are necessary for processing. At any defeat of a skin and fabrics lying more deeply a place around wipe from edges to periphery a piece of a gauze, cotton wool or the bandage, moistened with iodine, "чхыхэъющ" spirit or gasoline.

In no event it is impossible to fill in a wound: it is necessary to disinfect only a skin round it Sometimes after washing in a wound there are alien subjects, a dirt. To delete them does not follow, as thus it is possible to damage vessels and to cause a strong bleeding. After processing of a wound of bandage or a first-aid kit do a napkin of such size that it well covered all wound, impose it on the damaged place and bandage it. To bandage a wound it is necessary so that the injured part of a body has accepted that position in what it will be at transportation of the victim. Muscles during this moment should be as much as possible weakened. Start to bandage with a fixing course, bandage rounds conduct counter-clockwise from periphery to the centre on a course of a venous current of blood, i.e. In a direction to heart, in regular intervals pulling each coil that it on third or half blocked the previous.

Very dangerously getting wound of a thorax as air can get to pleura area that quite often leads podzhatiju a lung, to blood circulation and breath frustration, in summary - to a sharp anaemia. Therefore it is necessary to try to give to the wounded man semisitting position, and then to impose on a wound germetizirujushchuju a bandage, after wound processing to close its strips of a sticky plaster, imposing it by a tile principle. It is possible to use also prorezinennuju a wrapper from a first-aid kit, an oilcloth, cellophane or the napkins densely impregnated with vaseline which should be fixed bintovoj a bandage on a thorax.

At burns in no event it is impossible to wash out a wound or to touch the burnt place with hands, to pierce the formed bubbles or to break stuck to a place of a burn clothes pieces. It is not necessary to grease the suffered place with any oil or to fall asleep its powder. All it only promotes penetration into a wound of an infection and considerably complicates its further surgical processing. At burns first of all it is necessary to release the burnt places from clothes, having removed it or if it is necessary, having cut to put on wounds a cold compress with ice or water in a bottle, a cellophane package. Then the burnt surface cover with bandage or a napkin, and if necessary impose easy bintovuju a bandage. If skin defeats are superficial, it is possible to moisten a napkin with spirit or a potassium permanganate solution that will reduce a pain a little. In any case to the victim give anaesthetising preparations of willows unlimited quantity drinking water.

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