the General duties of the driver and a liability of infringement of Rules of traffic (a part 2)

At road and transport incident the drivers involved in it, should:

  • immediately to stop and (or) to remain on a scene, to include the emergency light alarm system or to expose a sign on an emergency stop (a blinking red lantern) according to requirements of Rules, not to move a vehicle and the subjects concerning incident;

  • to take possible measures for rendering of pre-medical medical aid by the victim, to cause "РъюЁѕ¦ medical яюьюЁі" and if it is impossible, to send victims on passing or to bring on the vehicle to the nearest medical institution, to inform there the surname, vehicle licence plate (with a presentation of the driver's licence or other document proving the identity, and the registration document to a vehicle) and to come back to a scene;

  • to report the matter in traffic police, to write down a surname and addresses of eyewitnesses and to expect arrival of workers of traffic police;

  • to take all possible measures to preservation of traces of incident, their protection and the organisation of a detour of a scene;

  • if movement of other vehicles is impossible, to release proezzhuju a part, preliminary having fixed in the presence of witnesses position of a vehicle and subjects concerning incident and traces.

If as a result of road and transport incident there are no victims, and the material damage is insignificant, drivers at a mutual consent in an estimation of circumstances happened and absence of malfunctions of the vehicles excluding possibility of their further movement, can arrive on the nearest post of traffic police or in body of militia for incident registration when due hereunder, preliminary having made the scheme of incident and having signed it.

For safety of movement of a duty are assigned and to passengers who are reduced to the following:

  • landing and disembarkation of passengers is authorised after a full stop of a vehicle;

  • landing and disembarkation of passengers from outside proezzhej parts can be made only in the event that it cannot be made from outside sidewalk or a roadside and provided that it will be safe and will not create hindrances to other sites of movement; at the tram stops which have been not equipped with airfields, it is authorised to leave on proezzhuju a part for landing in a tram only after its stop; after disembarkation from a tram passengers should leave proezzhuju a part;

  • passengers during movement should not distract the driver from management of a vehicle;

  • to expect the bus, the trolley bus, a tram, a taxi is authorised only on airfields, and at their absence - on sidewalk or a roadside;

  • to the persons who are in a body of a lorry, it is forbidden to stand, sit during movement on boards, to be on cargo above boards.

Infringement of Rules of traffic involves administrative, criminal, a disciplinary responsibility or application of measures of public influence.

Administrative responsibility is caused by infringement of Rules of the traffic, not representing to considerable danger and not caused serious consequences of victims at road accident or an essential material damage. Depending on character and weight of perfect infringement the administrative legislation establishes various measures of influence: the prevention, the penalty, deprivation of the right to management of a vehicle for certain term.

During the last years for a concrete definition of a liability of infringement of Rules of traffic a number of Decrees is accepted. In them the concrete list of the most widespread infringements contains: excess of the established speed, journey on the forbidden signal of a traffic light or gesture of the traffic controller, infringement of rules of overtaking, journey of stops of public transport and pedestrian crossings, usings lighting devices, non-observance of requirements of traffic signs, operation of faulty vehicles, - for which is established the prevention or the penalty. The same infringements which have caused creation of emergency conditions, or insubordination to requirements of the worker of traffic police about a vehicle stop, and also participation in movement in cities and other settlements, creating hindrances to traffic or traffic safety threat, are punished by penalties or deprivation of the right of management.

Punishment measures for especially dangerous kinds of infringements Are regulated. The insignificant infringements which have caused damages of vehicles, cargoes, roads or road constructions concern them, in particular, infringement of rules of journey of railway crossings, ostavlenie in infringement of the established rules of a place of the road accident which participants they are, for sodejanie which raise the penalty or deprive of the management right. At deliberate actions for such offences the raised penalty is provided.

Management of drivers of vehicles in a drunken state is one of the main reasons of breakdown susceptibility. For management of vehicles in a drunken state, transfer of management to the person who was in a drunken state or evasion from passage when due hereunder of survey on a drunken state - drivers lose the right of management or are fined. At repeated similar infringement within a year there can come the criminal liability according to which drivers are punished by imprisonment, or corrective works.

Existing standard documents establish measures of administrative influence on the officials responsible for operation of vehicles and roads.

For release on a line of the vehicles having malfunctions with which their operation is forbidden, not registered when due hereunder, not past of the state checkup, guilty can be subjected the penalty. For release on a line of the driver in a state of intoxication or the persons who do not have the rights of management by a vehicle as the penalty is established.

The Specified decisions stipulate an order of application of measures of influence. So, in particular, persons at the age from 16 till 18 years for infringement of Rules of traffic are subject to administrative responsibility in accordance with general practice. In case of infringement of Rules of traffic by persons about 16 years a question on measures of influence concerning them, and also concerning parents or the persons replacing parents are elderly, is considered by the regional (city), regional commissions in cities on affairs of minors.

The Report on infringement of Rules of traffic is made by the worker of traffic police, and in its absence - the representative on that the official.

In a case when the person does not challenge the admitted infringement and the official penalty imposed on it in the form of the prevention or the penalty, the report is not made. The penalty imposed in these cases can be raised by the worker of traffic police on a place of fulfilment of infringement. About collection of the penalty to the infringer the receipt of the established sample which is the document of the strict financial reporting stands out.

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