driving Receptions in city conditions
(A part 4)

Along sidewalk between two standing cars it is better to carry out Statement of the car a backing (fig. 32. The free space in any case should be not less one-and-a-half length of the car.

Arrival on parking along sidewalk parllelno to edge proezzhej parts () and at an angle to it ()

a Fig. 32. Arrival on parking along sidewalk parllelno to edge proezzhej parts (and at an angle to it ()

At arrival on parking along sidewalk a backing it is necessary very smoothly and to carry out slowly maneuver, watching to touching the next cars. For this purpose it is necessary:

  • to pass approximately on two lengths of a body further the chosen place for parking;

  • to stop the car, having left a lateral backlash about 0,5 m with the car standing on the right;

  • to examine a movement way: in the absence of hindrances to include transfer of a backing and, supervising conditions (having turned back back better), smoothly to get under way, turning a steering wheel to the right;

  • it is not necessary to forget to include the turn index to the right; as soon as the average rack of a body will overtake a back bumper on the right the standing car, the steering wheel should be turned to the right, continuing movement (all attention now concentrates on to touching the car standing on the right and not to call in on a border);

  • when the forward bumper of your car will appear behind a back bumper gone round, the steering wheel should be turned sharply to the left before alignment of the car along sidewalk, thus the special attention should be turned on the car standing behind.

The Car can be stopped, if ahead and behind standing cars there will be equal distances. Car statement on the limited platform it is necessary to carry out so that to provide to the neighbours maneuver freedom at departure from parking and not to take a place more, than it is necessary, leaving a backlash between forward and back cars not less than 1 m. on parking can be carried out car Statement and at an angle to sidewalk (fig. 32.

After a stop before to open the left doors, it is necessary to be convinced that behind in immediate proximity from your car there is no transport and nothing disturbs to a free exit from the car.

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