driving Receptions in country conditions
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At performance of turns on highway with insufficiently good covering extra caution as roughnesses or often meeting flows on the asphalt, creating so-called riflenku, lead to that the car loses the set trajectory is necessary. Arises "яхЁхё=ртър" when under the influence of centrifugal forces the back axis of the car at the moment of a separation of wheels from a roadbed is displaced in turn lateral aspect. The car thus receives an additional turn, sharply reducing turn radius. If thus in time not to lower speed the similar phenomenon can lead to full loss of driving.

The Driver of the car often should go on roads without an advanced covering or on the repaired basic roads representing soil sites. Driving on a dry country road does not cause special difficulties, movement on a dirty dirt road demands from the driver of certain skills and skill. On the polluted site of road it is recommended to move on a track as the ground density in it is more and, hence, danger of slipping less. However, before to overcome such site, the driver of the car should mean that the track, as a rule, is rolled by lorries and on depth and width does not provide car journey. Therefore at the slightest uncertainty it is necessary to leave the car, carefully to examine road and to solve, whether there is a possibility to pass by a raised part, leaving naezzhennuju a track between wheels. At slippery road especially dangerous factor demanding special attention, possibility soskalzyvanija car wheels in naezzhennuju and the broken track is. Especially dangerous sites of slippery roads should be overcome on the lowest transfer with constant frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft of the engine.

At a stop on country road if it does not contradict the traffic regulation, it is necessary to accept as much as possible to the right and cautiously to move down on a roadside on small speed. Thus to choose a place for a stop it is necessary not only proceeding from own interests, but also taking into account that your car on sufficient distance should be visible other drivers. In case of the compelled stop in an inconvenient place - on a grief (rice: 41, or turn (fig. 41,) - it is necessary to take measures, having included the alarm system to expose a sign on an emergency stop or a blinking red lantern.

Characteristic places of dangerous parking of the car

a Fig. 41. Characteristic places of dangerous parking of the car

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