safety precautions Requirements at car operation

At car driving, as well as any vehicle, the basic attention should be concentrated on safety of people. According to article "+ёэют civil чръюэюфр=хыіё=тр" the mechanical vehicle is a source of the raised danger, and compensation of the material damage caused to it is assigned to its owner. The driver is responsible for observance of safety precautions regulations by all persons being in the car and is obliged to demand from them strict performance of these rules.

The Driver is obliged to watch, that in the car there was completely a complete medical first-aid set.

Besides the driver at car operation should observe key rules on a labour safety and the safety precautions.

The Labour safety and the safety precautions is a complex of actions and corresponding receptions of the works providing preservation of health of workers on manufacture.

Responsibility for a labour safety and the safety precautions, and also for carrying out of actions for decrease and the prevention of an industrial traumatism, occupational diseases as a whole on the enterprise is assigned to the director, and on separate sites - on their heads.

The General control over carrying out of the actions directed on a labour safety and observance of safety precautions, is assigned to the organisations.

For the prevention of an industrial traumatism at each enterprise corresponding safety precautions regulations and fire safety are developed and brought to the notice working.

The Administration is obliged to provide timely and qualitative carrying out of instructing and to train working in safe receptions and work methods.

At carrying out of introduction instructing should be explained:

  • legislation substantive provisions under safety precautions and industrial sanitary;

  • rules of the internal labour schedule at the enterprise, behaviour rules in territory, in industrial and household premises, and also value of precautionary inscriptions, posters and alarm systems;

  • requirements to working on observance of personal hygiene and a rule of industrial sanitary at the enterprise;

  • an order of registration of the accident connected with manufacture; requirements of fire safety.

Premises for parking of cars, and also zones of their maintenance service and repair should be kept clean and have good ventilation. Cars should be established so that approaches to them were free, thus the scheme of arrangement of cars should provide possibility of their fast evacuation in case of need: all prodrivings and passes should be free, and movement will be organised under the certain scheme excluding an oncoming traffic and arrival on people.

At carburettor engines in the fulfilled gases carbonic oxide, and at diesel - akrolein (a colourless flying liquid) contains. Therefore movement of cars and work of engines in garage premises should be minimum as the fulfilled gases are unhealthy and can at certain concentration, to cause a poisoning.

At movement of the car in case of occurrence in salon of a smell of the fulfilled gases it is necessary to stop and define the reason of their occurrence immediately. The reason can be a thinness in a board peredka and podsos gases from podkapotnogo spaces, and also their possibility podsosa through consolidations of a luggage carrier or a back door.

At work with operational materials - gasoline (especially etilirovannym), antifreeze, electrolit for the storage battery and others it is necessary to observe safety measures, and in case of their hit on an integument immediately to wash out water.

In case of the compelled car repairs in a way it is necessary to brake carefully the car, having excluded its spontaneous movement, and at work in the bottom part of the car it is necessary to establish a safety support or as a last resort to put instead of it under a car body a spare wheel.

In case of fire occurrence it is necessary to evacuate immediately people from salon, to switch off the engine and to try to disconnect electroconducting. The flashed fire is necessary for extinguishing uglekislotnym or the powder fire extinguisher, and also sand or koshmoj.

For emergency fire extinguishing in each car there should be a fire extinguisher, and indoors where the car (garage) is stored, also there should be in necessary quantities a sand and fire hydrants.

Fire extinguishers happen chemical and uglekislotnye. The chemical fire extinguisher represents a vessel which is charged penoobrazujushchim by structure from alkali and acids. In a vessel in the mesh cylinder, two glass flasks with capacity 180 are located... 185 ml everyone. In one there is a sulfuric acid, in another - a water solution sernokislogo gland, other space is filled by an alkali solution - a mix of bicarbonate of sodium with a soda extract (weight 600... 650 in water (nearby 8).

Pupils it is necessary to learn to address with the fire extinguisher. For fire extinguisher reduction in action it is necessary to strike the drummer about a firm subject which breaks glass flasks. At liquid mixture rough allocation of foam thanks to what the fire is extinguished is formed.

Uglekislotnyj the fire extinguisher represents the steel oval cylinder closed from above by the gate. As a fire extinguisher charge serves technical or food szhizhennaja and the drained carbonic acid. On the gate case the bell - snegoobrazovatel through which carbonic acid is thrown out during short time in the form of flakes of carbonic snow is strengthened. Carbonic acid at an exit from a cylinder through a bell, strongly being cooled, passes in a misty condition. Carbonic snow cools a burning subject, and then, having turned to gas, reduces concentration of oxygen in a fire zone and as a result burning stops.