Bases of technics of driving (a part 2)

The Steering wheel should be held easily, as though making a start hands slightly bent in elbows from a wheel and densely pressing shoulders to a seat back. Hands freely extended on a wheel give the chance to make quickly enough maneuver that allows to avoid failure in time. On fig. 8 for comparison the most typical examples correct (and wrong (-) positions of hands on a steering wheel are presented. If to tear off one hand for inclusion of transfer or other controls, other hand will move a little upwards and will be ready to make maneuver if necessary.

Correct () and wrong (b-e) position of hands of the driver on a steering wheel

a Fig. 8. Correct (and wrong (b-e) position of hands of the driver on a steering wheel

Steering managements of cars easy enough, therefore are not present necessity strongly to compress a steering wheel - because of it usually quickly the hand gets tired. However through a hand the driver should feel always "юсЁр=эѕ¦ ёт чі" with car wheels, especially at movement on bad roads as unexpected arrival by a wheel on an obstacle can "т№сш=і" the steering wheel from hands of the driver and the car will run away for some time.

For change of movement, the car the steering wheel should be turned one hand pulling, and another supporting movements.

When it is necessary to turn quickly a steering wheel, it is recommended to use a way of cross interception of a steering wheel with crossing of hands. Such high-speed way rulenija demands from the driver of careful practical working off, that it in a critical situation not "яю=хЁ ы" driving.

For working off of receptions high-speed rulenija it is possible to use in the absence of special training apparatus as a training apparatus the car with the hung out forward suspension bracket. Thus, if a steering wheel conditionally to break to similarly hour dial in a hand starting position on a wheel are at the level corresponding to 10 and 2 hours (see fig. 8. For working off high-speed rulenija with high-speed interception (crossing) hands at turn to the right (fig. 9,) from an initial position carry out steering wheel turn by both hands to poses. 2, and then the right hand carry out interception in poses. 3, continuing rotation by the left hand.

High-speed rulenie with crossing of hands

a Fig. 9. High-speed rulenie with crossing of hands

Further from poses. By 4 left hand do interception to initial. Rotating a wheel the right hand. This cycle repeats and for the further turn to the right. Under the similar scheme turn to the left (fig. 9 is fulfilled. At first this exercise is recommended to be carried out slowly, watching uniformity of rotation of a steering wheel, and then it is possible to increase speed to the maximum. Characteristic errors at working off of this reception the following: zadevanie hands one for another and reduction of an angle of rotation of a steering wheel at interception (that increases number of cycles), and so time loss of contact of hands with a steering wheel and - as consequence - management loss.

For the best mastering rulenija the car it is useful to fulfil also reception of turn of a steering wheel by one hand by interception through the back party of a brush. And though in daily practice this reception practically do not use, it can will gain in a critical situation when one of hands at some instant the L will appear on a steering wheel.

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