Bases of technics of driving (a part 3)

For turn working off to the right (fig. 10, the right is necessary! A hand from initial poses. 1 to turn a steering wheel to poses. 2, and then unclenching fingers of a hand and continuing rotation, carry out perihvat through a back part of a brush (poses. 3). Continuing rotations by a back part of a brush (poses. 4), carry out interception in poses. I the Same reception for the right hand fulfil at steering wheel rotation in a left-hand side (fig. 10,). Similar receptions following to fulfil and for the left hand. Characteristic errors of it rulenija non-uniformity of rotation and loss of contact of a brush with a steering wheel rim at interception.

High-speed rulenie one hand

a Fig. 10. High-speed rulenie one hand

Correct position of the driver on a workplace should become a habit finished to automatism and providing managements of control levers without looking at them, i.e. Without tearing off a sight from road.

Practice of driving of cars of many domestic and foreign models shows that the driver quickly enough adapts to various variants of an arrangement on them of controls and combinations of devices. It is necessary to fulfil the basic requirement thus: before to begin movement, attentively to study appointment and an arrangement of all controls, to be convinced of their reach, and at necessity and efficiency of action.

For movement realisation it is necessary to execute ignition key turn in corresponding position engine start-up. Efficiency and a choice of receptions of start-up of the engine depend on two major factors: temperatures of air and a technical condition of the engine and ignition system. Engines of cars are easily started at temperature of air to-25-30 °s. Maintaining the same car, the driver quickly enough adapts to features of start-up of its engine.

At start-up of the cold engine after long parking it is recommended to extend completely the handle of management air zaslonkoj, to include a starter and to start the engine. If it is not possible after several attempts, it is possible to press an accelerator pedal a little to slightly open throttle zaslonku. But thus in no event it is impossible to press repeatedly an accelerator pedal pumping up movements as in this case there will be a modulation of a fuel mix in cylinders of the engine and start it will be impossible, while surplus of fuel will not evaporate from cylinders.

For start-up of the hot or warm engine, and also in hot weather to extend the handle air zaslonki it is not required or only partially for maintenance of steady work of the engine in an initial stage.

To Begin movement it is recommended after warming up of the engine to 40... 50 °s and steady work of the engine, i.e. Without failures on frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft. Steady work of the engine during the initial moment of movement on not completely heated-up the engine is regulated air zaslonkoj.

Troganie of the car from a place should be carried out smoothly, without jerks. For troganija from a place on an equal dry site are expensive it is necessary to squeeze out completely a pedal of coupling and to include the first transfer. After transfer inclusion both hands should be on a wheel. Smooth troganie from a place giving of fuel and coupling inclusion depends mainly on interaction of the right and left feet, operating a pedal. For reception working off troganija from a place it is necessary to learn smoothly to release a pedal of coupling and on change of noise depending on change of turns of a cranked shaft of the engine to be able to define the moment of connection of conducted and leading disks of coupling at a stage of their proslipping: during this moment the car which is at a stop, as though is in the pressure, ready to overcome the forces keeping it.

After that at the moment of proslipping of disks of coupling it is necessary to increase slightly turns of a cranked shaft of the engine and also smoothly to continue to release a pedal of coupling without its sharp inclusion! If the car gets under way from a place jerky, it means that coupling pedals has been released incorrectly, i.e. Too quickly, especially at the moment of connection of disks of coupling.

After initial troganija the car it is necessary also plavnja to release completely a pedal of coupling with simultaneous increase in turns of a cranked shaft of the engine and to begin car dispersal. Some young drivers commit an error and I do on the contrary: in the beginning release a coupling pedal very slowly, and then during the first moment troganija the car lose patience and it is fast release a pedal. As a result the car gets under way from a place jerky and thus there can be an engine stop.

To Touch the car from a place jerky it is impossible, as thus for a detail of coupling, a transmission and the main transfer will test the raised loadings accelerating their deterioration and leading to breakages.

At troganii from a place of the car standing on lifting and braked by a lay brake, it is necessary to give higher turns of a cranked shaft of the engine at the moment of proslipping of disks of coupling and simultaneously to remove the car from a lay brake. At troganii the car on slippery road it is not supposed to increase excessively turns of a cranked shaft of the engine as it leads only to proslipping of driving wheels of the car.

At troganii the car from a place it is necessary according to requirements of Rules of traffic to be convinced in perfect security start of motion for what it is obligatory to look in a rear-view mirror and through a shoulder, if necessary to include the corresponding index of turn and to drive off from a stop place on a smooth trajectory, having switched off then the turn index.

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