Bases of technics of driving (a part 6)

At turn it is not necessary to turn a steering wheel more than it is necessary. Correcting it, drivers are sometimes compelled to rotate a steering wheel in an opposite side, and the car thus as though "Ё№ёърх=" on road.

On zakruglenijah it is recommended to maintain roads strictly rjadnost and not to leave on an oncoming traffic strip.

Before an input in turn it is expedient to lower speed and if necessary to pass to transfer at which it is possible to execute completely this maneuver. Both hands of the driver will be on a wheel, and it completely can concentrate on turn performance.

It is necessary to remember that speed of passage of turn is defined not by speed of an input in turn, and mainly in the speed of an exit from it. At the moment of an input in turn braking should be finished. After that the driver will turn a steering wheel on a corner necessary for turn. Simultaneously, if conditions and turn radius allow, it is necessary to start to increase smoothly frequency of rotation of a cranked shaft of the engine, pressing a pedal of giving of fuel. On an exit from turn the car should occupy the position corresponding to movement on a straight line. At such technics the turn trajectory has a short site of small radius on an input in turn and a long smooth curve on an exit on which the car moves, speeding up.

One of maneuvering elements is the turn. It carry out depending on width proezzhej parts direct turn or with backing application. At a turn it is impossible to turn a steering wheel of the car which is at a stop. It is necessary, that the car moved at least with the minimum speed; it facilitates maneuver, reduces deterioration of tyres of forward wheels and steering details.

The Turn on crossing of roads (fig. 15) is difficult maneuver at which it is necessary to see all possible participants of Movement, and to carry out it accurately, to create hindrances.

turn Reception on crossing of roads

a Fig. 15. Turn reception on crossing of roads

Receptions of performance of turns in narrow journey

a Fig. 16. Receptions of performance of turns in narrow journey

For turn performance it is necessary: to be reconstructed in an extreme left Number (for roads with two and more lanes); approaching on a turn place, to estimate conditions of visibility and safe performance of maneuver; the road to a counter direction should be looked through not less than on 100 m; if the counter stream of cars comes nearer, it is necessary to stop on the chosen place of a turn, it is necessary to leave the car, to bypass around and to be convinced that the way is free.

Before to pass to turns to turns, it is necessary to learn to operate the car moving a backing on a straight line; without sharp deviations aside.

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